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I'm new!

2007-08-29 17:23:13 by JoAlice

Hey there, I'm JoAlice! I'm a new user here. I've been around since 2001, but never signed up. Seeing that the redesign happened kinda encouraged me to join though. I figured that I had been merely watching NG for too long and that the time had come for me to join the ranks of my E-friends. I've been here through the tough times and the awesome ones.
I know, you think I'm a n00b still, but that's your opinion and I'm not obligated to change it. Anyway, I hope you don't, but whatever. I have to admit, I'm FABulous, hence the aura I have. Well, um, enjoy browsing my profile!



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2007-08-31 21:40:56

nice to meet u just watch out for noob and well losers that cant make flash if u know wat i mean

JoAlice responds:

Sure thing!


2007-09-01 15:14:43

Hello and welcome! I loved that flash game you made! It's on my favorites list.

JoAlice responds:

Thankyou very much! I worked on it, but I encountered quite a few problems so Andrea364 had to give me a hand. Be sure to check out her profile too!


2007-09-01 16:31:44

i saw ur flash its great for a 1st time i already checked out ur sis's profile too keep up the good work on ur other flash u make.

JoAlice responds:

Thanks, and don't worry, I'll do my best to keep it up!


2008-03-03 14:55:38


Your dads old email is

Thats really weird as that is my email address and my name and I did not know that I had a daughter in Mississippi.

Please can you explain.




2008-03-13 23:46:35

Ok Jeff, look, don't harass her. She's an idiot at times and thinks that random people are her dad, honestly (I HAVE PROOF). I think she got on crack or something. Anyways, about your work that you said she had stolen, just so you know, I wasn't envolved with it in any way. She never comes on NG anymore, so it will probably just stay there... :(


2009-02-11 18:49:14

Hello freind!I`m danicos!!!!